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Twitter Bot Checker App Powered By Botometer

A Streamlit app for checking whether your Twitter followers are bots

Securing and Monitoring ShinyProxy Deployment of R Shiny Apps

This post provides a guide to secure ShinyProxy with Nginx, Certbot and AWS Cognito, and monitor usage statistics with InfluxDB, Telegraf and Grafana.

The Effectiveness of Reducing Population Movement in Managing Coronavirus Outbreak

This post illustrates simulations of coronavirus outbreak in central Tokyo area based on SIR model and origin-destination flow data.

新冠肺炎深圳市数据分析 —— 2月16日 Data Analysis of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases in Shenzhen - 16 Feb

文章包括病例分析,各城区数据汇总和趋势分析,以及已知病例活动地点的地图整理。最后更新于2月16日。Updated analysis on diagnosed cases, number of cases in each district and COVID-19 map. Last updated on 16 Feb.

新冠肺炎北京市数据分析 —— 2月9日 Data Analysis of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases in Beijing - 9 Feb

文章包括病例接触史,各城区数据汇总和趋势分析,以及已知病例活动地点的地图整理。最后更新于2月9日。Updated analysis on contact history of new cases, number of cases in each district and trend, and a map showing the where the new cases were found. Last update on 9 Feb.


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