COVID-19 Cases Tracker

The Effectiveness of Reducing Population Movement in Managing Coronavirus Outbreak

Simulations of coronavirus outbreak in central Tokyo area based on SIR model and origin-destination flow data

新冠肺炎深圳市数据分析 —— 2月16日 Data Analysis of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases in Shenzhen - 16 Feb

文章包括病例分析,各城区数据汇总和趋势分析,以及已知病例活动地点的地图整理。最后更新于2月16日。Updated analysis on diagnosed cases, number of cases in each district and COVID-19 map. Last updated on 16 Feb.

新冠肺炎北京市数据分析 —— 2月9日 Data Analysis of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases in Beijing - 9 Feb

文章包括病例接触史,各城区数据汇总和趋势分析,以及已知病例活动地点的地图整理。最后更新于2月9日。Updated analysis on contact history of new cases, number of cases in each district and trend, and a map showing the where the new cases were found. Last update on 9 Feb.

新冠肺炎北京市数据分析 —— 2月2日 Data Analysis of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases in Beijing - 2 Feb

文章包括175例病例的特征分析和趋势分析,病例接触史以及各城区数据汇总分析。最后更新于2月3日 Last update on 3 Feb

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